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Life in Gaza

A mother’s story


March of Return

Check out the March of return the untoldstory, different from the one we usually hear

The Art of Seduction

I know I shouldn’t have, but I succumbed. Don’t judge me, you’ve all done it too, or a version of it; been seduced like me. …. Go here     also available as a podcast

CATC 2018 – Michael Brown – my perspective

In his presentation at Christ at the Checkpoint 2018, Michael Brown remarked on what he termed the ‘Palestinian celebration of violence’ asking, “Will you renounce the celebration of terrorism?” On the face of it this seems a reasonable request, even a demand. However, the remark and request could be reversed to ask the same of Zionist Israel. Will Israel stop celebrating violence, will it renounce and cease its terrorising activities in Gaza and in the Palestinian Territories? Sadly, like too many Messianic Jews, Michael Brown’s compassion seemed limited principally to Jews.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Mr Brown was speaking to an international audience but directly to Palestinian Christians. Palestinian Christians renounced violence over 30 years ago, even though resistance to occupation is legal under international law. In 1940 Britain approved and supported the French resistance movement against Nazi Germany, and, more recently, when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq occupied Kuwait the US formed an international force … (to read more … )

Why Only Israel?

A very good question, usually asked by supporters of Israel who want to know why Israel’s critics don’t also criticize other nations*.  So, yes; why only Israel? And I’d like an answer to the following:

  • When Bashar Assad is subjected to sanctions for dealing with an Islamic extremist invasion, why is Israel allowed to get away with the collective punishment of Palestinians contrary to international law?
  • Why is Israel allowed to attack people in Gaza with international impunity but when Gazan’s resist they are called ‘terrorists’ and subjected to sanctions and a blockade?
  • Why, when Israel carries out assassinations on other territory it goes without censure yet when it ‘appears’ that Russia assassinates someone in Britain ‘the West’ retaliates without waiting for conclusive evidence?
  • Why, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait was it OK to form an international force to kick him out while doing nothing to enforce international law over Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights?

‘You shall not bear false witness’   Not in my name, not in Jesus’ Name.

* They do!

Walking the walk – Only the Brave?

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