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In his presentation at Christ at the Checkpoint 2018, Michael Brown remarked on what he termed the ‘Palestinian celebration of violence’ asking, “Will you renounce the celebration of terrorism?” On the face of it this seems a reasonable request, even a demand. However, the remark and request could be reversed to ask the same of Zionist Israel. Will Israel stop celebrating violence, will it renounce and cease its terrorising activities in Gaza and in the Palestinian Territories? Sadly, like too many Messianic Jews, Michael Brown’s compassion seemed limited principally to Jews.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Mr Brown was speaking to an international audience but directly to Palestinian Christians. Palestinian Christians renounced violence over 30 years ago, even though resistance to occupation is legal under international law. In 1940 Britain approved and supported the French resistance movement against Nazi Germany, and, more recently, when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq occupied Kuwait the US formed an international force … (to read more … )


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Unsurprisingly, to those of us who try to keep an eye on what’s going on in the Middle East, there’s a propaganda ‘war’, and gullible western media is falling for it. The excerpt below is worth reading as a comment in itself, but please go to the article as well.

‘Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli who is one of that country’s most experienced reporters, is hammering away at the truth on his Facebook page:

I’ve been arguing all day against Israel’s policy of continually bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iran, pointing out that they’re not bombing us, we’re bombing them, which means we’re not acting in self defense, we’re the aggressors. . . For [people with the opposing opinion] it doesn’t matter how many times Israel bombs the enemy and the enemy doesn’t bomb back — Israel is still bombing in self-defense and the other side is still the aggressor. Why? Because Israel is Israel and Iran/Syria/Lebanon is Iran/Syria/Lebanon. Israel is right because it is good and they are wrong because they are bad. . .’    from Mondoweiss  (read the article here)

Following Trump’s attempt to rip up the nuclear deal with Iran, Britian, Germany and France are hurrying to agree that agreement on missile development and regional interference is essential.  While I heartily agree I have to say, they, the ‘West’ have got their angle of view distorted.  In the modern era Iran has been attacked a number of times but, to the best of my knowledge, has never initiated an attack.  What they do ‘under the radar’ is as opaque as any, and there’s plenty of competition – from ‘the West’.

Think about the word ‘regional’ in regional interference.

The Brexit thing

Are we making too  much of it, this Brexit thing?  It’s not as though the S.S. Great Britain is going to detach itself and float off into the Atlantic. In any case we’ve still got the umbilical cord of the ‘Chunnel’.  Engineers tell me that both concrete and steel have degrees of elasticity, (sounds crazy, but what do I know) but even they don’t think it’ll stretch to America.

Of course the original SS Great Britain did make it across the pond to Uncle Sam so perhaps that’s an omen – your choice whether it’s a nice or a nasty.

The thing is, what difference will it make?  Don’t get me wrong, it’ll make a massive difference to loads of things that don’t really matter: like taxes, the NHS, international travel, incomes etc. but what about the things that do really matter?   Like; what to do with the scores of redundant MEP’s, who, presumably, will still qualify for a pension but will have nowhere to sit and squabble.  Once we’ve dispensed with the ‘naughty seat’ of the European Parliament they’ll be back over here creating.

No, the real problem is ‘the Moaners’.  I don’t mean the ‘remoaners’; those people who foolishly thought that ‘Representative Democracy’ meant electing representatives who would inform themselves of the issues and vote according to the best interests of the greater number.  And I don’t mean those who voted ‘Out’ because it was a good way to ‘stick it up’ the metropolitan cosmopolitan elites: Respect Guys- Good job; let’s hope my kids and yours can all survive the consequences;.

No, not them. My worry is the Upper Crust Opinion Formers, whose existence is defined by their next complaint.  Deprived of Europe to blame for our woes what will they do?  Actually I’ve no doubt some of them will continue to blame Europe.  Having decided we don’t want to trade with Europe on an ‘open’ basis they will get upset because Europe won’t trade with us on an ‘open’ basis.

Or, they could return to tradition and blame the government, but who cares these days about tradition.  Some of the more inventive ‘moaners’ have already invested enormous energy in complaining that Britain’s largest least racist political party is exceedingly and nastily racist.  If they’re not careful they’ll run out of ideas.

So, when we go bang out of the European Community, and when T. May returns a racially challenged Tory Party with a whopping majority, and when things go belly up, who will they blame?  Because, even if everything goes brilliantly (trust me, it won’t) they’ll find something else to moan about and someone else to blame: it’s what they do.

As for the SS Great Britain:   Omen-wise, that once-proud ship is now a museum piece. In it’s dry dock it has the iillusion of being afloat, but it’s just plate glass.

The ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ sounds like an organisation any right thinking person should want to support, and in principle, I do. But I try to be cautious about what I’m joining, doing the research to see if things ‘add up’.   I’ve recently spent a lot of time checking out the website of ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ and you can see what I found on the Articles page of this website. You can download as a.pdf file here.

I point out the ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ is dangerous because, inadvertantly, it undermines its cause. You cannot prevent the singling out of a people-group for negative attention; Jews, by singling out that same people-group for special attention. Arguing, correctly, that Jews should be treated no differently to any other group it nevertheless treats Jews separately from other groups experiencing racism.

I call attention to the fact that the evidence they present is thin, and that its methodology is poorly applied.  What it looks like is not an attack on racist antisemitism, but an attack on ‘Labour under Corbyn’, in other words it is political to its core.  Rather than being a campaign against antisemitism I suggest that this organisation may be both racist and antisemitic.

Why Only Israel?

A very good question, usually asked by supporters of Israel who want to know why Israel’s critics don’t also criticize other nations*.  So, yes; why only Israel? And I’d like an answer to the following:

  • When Bashar Assad is subjected to sanctions for dealing with an Islamic extremist invasion, why is Israel allowed to get away with the collective punishment of Palestinians contrary to international law?
  • Why is Israel allowed to attack people in Gaza with international impunity but when Gazan’s resist they are called ‘terrorists’ and subjected to sanctions and a blockade?
  • Why, when Israel carries out assassinations on other territory it goes without censure yet when it ‘appears’ that Russia assassinates someone in Britain ‘the West’ retaliates without waiting for conclusive evidence?
  • Why, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait was it OK to form an international force to kick him out while doing nothing to enforce international law over Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights?

‘You shall not bear false witness’   Not in my name, not in Jesus’ Name.

* They do!

Labour and antisemitism

I’m puzzled. We’ve heard a great deal about alleged incidents of antisemitism in the British Labour party, (as if it didn’t exist in the Tory party), and we have heard from Jewish MP’s about their experiences. It shouldn’t need to be said but I will anyway, hating people because they are different is stupid. No-one, whether MP or not, Jewish, Black, Muslim, Christian, Hindu should have to experience racist or other forms of abuse.

Over the months we have heard a great deal about the alleged offences; and that is what is puzzling. What are the police doing? As I understand it, antisemitism is a race hate crime. So, why aren’t the perpetrators being brought to justice? The allegations are repeated endlessly and the Labour Party is, supposedly, taking action. But that is not enough.

If these offences have been committed then it is incumbent upon the police to investigate and where there is evidence, prosecute. That they have not suggests to me that evidence is lacking, despite the acres of print and hours of ‘news’ from those making the allegations.  If that is the case then the urgent calls for people to be suspended should be disregarded until such time as real evidence is available.

Perhaps the reason for the acres and hours is the perceived need by Israel’s British supporters for a propaganda barrage to limit the damage of BDS. People, especially among the younger generation of Jews, are getting wise to what Zionism has produced. Some are questioning why what worked for South Africa – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – and what is applied to e.g. North Korea and Iran, is ‘inappropriate and unhelpful’ for Israel-Palestine. Thirty odd years of a one-sided ‘peace process’ hasn’t proved helpful for Palestinians.

Where there is evidence of antisemitism – whether in Labour or elsewhere – the correct route to follow is to notify the police of the offence. It should then be a case of “prosecute, or shut up”. And if advocating for peace with justice in Palestine is now a criminal offence in Britain then lock me up.

Contrary to what may be supposed, support for the Zionist state of Israel is not mandatory upon British legislators. Neither is it antisemitic to criticize Israel. Was it antisemitic to criticize Ed Miliband for supporting military intervention in Libya? So, let us have some common sense and let’s deal with the real racists, including those in Israel, America, Australia, France, Italy, Turkey …

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