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It’s not over …

So it’s not all over, thanks Margaret Hodge for letting the cat out of the bag. Because this was never about anti-Semitism it was always about Jeremy Corbyn. If it had been about anti-Semitism it would have been the Tory party and right-wingers in the frame, consistently scoring higher when surveyed on the question . It is about Jeremy Corbyn not because he is anti-Semitic; for anyone who knows his history the idea is absurd; it is because he is pro-justice and anti racism. …. For the rest go to my Blog

let the proper institutions carry out their duties. In the meantime we should be challenging racism wherever we find it especially in those so-called democratic countries with whom we are so friendly, (Israel, USA, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, oops!).


March of Return

Check out the March of return the untoldstory, different from the one we usually hear

The Art of Seduction

I know I shouldn’t have, but I succumbed. Don’t judge me, you’ve all done it too, or a version of it; been seduced like me. …. Go here     also available as a podcast

Campaigning Against Antisemitism – or not …

The ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ sounds like an organisation any right thinking person should want to support, and in principle, I do. But I try to be cautious about what I’m joining, doing the research to see if things ‘add up’.   I’ve recently spent a lot of time checking out the website of ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ and you can see what I found on the Articles page of this website. You can download as a.pdf file here.

I point out the ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ is dangerous because, inadvertantly, it undermines its cause. You cannot prevent the singling out of a people-group for negative attention; Jews, by singling out that same people-group for special attention. Arguing, correctly, that Jews should be treated no differently to any other group it nevertheless treats Jews separately from other groups experiencing racism.

I call attention to the fact that the evidence they present is thin, and that its methodology is poorly applied.  What it looks like is not an attack on racist antisemitism, but an attack on ‘Labour under Corbyn’, in other words it is political to its core.  Rather than being a campaign against antisemitism I suggest that this organisation may be both racist and antisemitic.

Why Only Israel?

A very good question, usually asked by supporters of Israel who want to know why Israel’s critics don’t also criticize other nations*.  So, yes; why only Israel? And I’d like an answer to the following:

  • When Bashar Assad is subjected to sanctions for dealing with an Islamic extremist invasion, why is Israel allowed to get away with the collective punishment of Palestinians contrary to international law?
  • Why is Israel allowed to attack people in Gaza with international impunity but when Gazan’s resist they are called ‘terrorists’ and subjected to sanctions and a blockade?
  • Why, when Israel carries out assassinations on other territory it goes without censure yet when it ‘appears’ that Russia assassinates someone in Britain ‘the West’ retaliates without waiting for conclusive evidence?
  • Why, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait was it OK to form an international force to kick him out while doing nothing to enforce international law over Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights?

‘You shall not bear false witness’   Not in my name, not in Jesus’ Name.

* They do!

Walking the walk – Only the Brave?

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