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Once again the British Labour Party is under attack from its own Members of Parliament because it refuses to accept wholesale a defintion of ‘Antisemitism’ that has been widely adopted elsewhere. Hardly anywhere is there a media mention of the fact that the ‘definition’ has actually been accepted by Labour (despite it not qualifying as a defintion since it is too vague and has to be supported by ‘examples’ – see previous posts).

But:  am I the only person who thinks that defining antisemitism in this way is a demand by Zionist Jews to be treated differently? And isn’t that inherently racist?

Antisemitism is racism. Allegations of racism, including antisemitism, must be investigated by police, (the so-called ‘MacPherson principle’), to determine whether an offence has been committed.  So, amidst this furore of allegations, how many have been reported to the police? How many have been investigated? How many people are being prosecuted for antisemitic actions including words spoken or written?  How many convicted?  Rather than suspending people, call the police!

I’ve previously written on the ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ including this:   ‘As of 30th April 2018 I’ve looked at all of the incidents and many of the tweets/posts complained of. Some could be characterised as unwise but most are reasonable comment. Two merited action, which was taken. (Interestingly CAA classifies a person as an ‘incident’. If, however, we take a more normal approach to ‘incident’ and take specific dates; for the Labour Party there are 119 of which 2 are antisemitic, so under 2%. When we look at the other political parties the proportion is 18.5%.)’.

Are Zionists determined to destroy the Labour Party? If so, that surely would imply the interference in our political system of another nation, Israel. If our police force have investigated t


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